Friends of CUAllies are alumni, faculty, and staff. We are parents, family members, and loved ones. We are friends and colleagues. We are people of faith and people of all stripes. We are supporters of LGBTQ persons. We are supporters of human dignity for all. We are fellow concerned human beings.

We are urgently requesting that The Catholic University of America review its harmful decision to deny LGBTQ students a place in the community and begin enacting policies that create a safe and welcoming environment.

We further commit to remain educated on and involved in this issue as it develops and stand with LGBTQ students when they ask for our support. We organize now as a light for LGBTQ students and their Allies at Catholic University that they are deeply loved and sustained, and as a witness to the administration that their actions are noted publicly.



President John Garvey and senior administrators rejected a proposed LGBTQ student organization on December 6 after nearly ten months of dialogue, once again denying all students the right to fully and actively contribute to Catholic University. CUAllies, the proposed organization, set forth a vision and tone that affirmed Catholic identity while embracing a marginalized community.

Students engaged in community, prayer, and service together, building up mutually supportive friendships that not only enabled students to thrive on campus, but to grow deeper in their Catholic faith. Student leadership widely supported CUAllies, including leaders of other organizations and those in student government, noting the positive contributions the organization made to campus.

In their denial, administrators cited fears of “advocacy” as the reason for denial, in direct contradiction to CUAllies demonstrated non-political, pastoral efforts. Now is the time to reinforce a message to the administration that sexual orientation is not a justification for ignoring an entire community of students or discriminating against them.


What Now?

From the start, CUAllies and affiliated supporters committed to good faith, respectful conversation as the means of progressing forward. In the wake of this recent denial, student leadership, Friends of CUAllies, and others are discerning what the next steps of this movement will look like and how to proceed in dialogue with administration at The Catholic University of America.

Your pressure through signing our pledge, sending messages of support on Facebook or Twitter, joining our mailing list for continued updates, or donating to support upcoming work. All this will enable us to rely on a growing national community when the time comes for action. Join us!


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  1. Hello: I found your petition on change .org but I won’t sign anything tell I understand what it means So could you please tell me what lgbtq means? And you might want to update your petition with with that info. Thanks for listening. I will check back for answer. Jennifer

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