Student Voices

Above All Else, Love.

by Anonymous (upon student’s request)

I write this piece anonymously, not for fear of my own reputation, but to present the piece in a way that broadens the scope of my individuality to a member of the greater CUA community.

Love, simply love; above all else, love. That is what Christ instructed us to do. I, as a Catholic, cannot consciously tell another human being that they do not have a right to be true to the way they were formed by God. Nor can I say that who they are, or what they have come to be, was not the design of the Creator. I cannot consciously tell someone that they have no place in the Church and have nothing to contribute to the community.

If CUAllies were to be rejected as an organization, the University would essentially be doing just that. They would refuse to recognize a group of persons, with inherent dignity, to formally assemble as an organization and therefore effectively conclude that these people have nothing to contribute to the CUA community as an organization.

In the USCCB letter Always our Children, the bishops clearly say that, “They (homosexual persons), as is true of every human being, need to be nourished at many levels simultaneously. This includes friendship, which is a way of loving and is essential to healthy human development. It is one of the richest possible human experiences.” CUAllies strives to do just that, to engage homosexual persons at a community level where they can feel compassion and love by all people.

A group such as CUAllies reaffirms the belief of homosexual Christians that they too constitute the mystical body of Christ; that they too are part of the greater whole and can take part in its functioning. Homosexual students at this University have too long been swept under the rug. They have not been allowed to engage in the conversation, and thus have been driven to extreme measures at times which may or may not have been prudent.

CUAllies seeks to educate its community and support peers through their challenges of being LGBTQ. The recognition of the group would not constitute a rejection of or encourage opposition to church teaching on the University’s behalf. It would simply allow a group of persons with similar backgrounds and struggles to share their gifts with those of different experiences. In all of us, God’s love is revealed.

CUAllies Mission Statement

as recorded in the 2012 application for official recognition

“CUAllies seeks to create a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment at The Catholic University of America for all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender- identity. CUAllies works to meet the needs of LGBTQ students and their allies who struggle to understand the complexities of human sexuality. We take seriously the call of the United States Catholic Bishops who challenged people “to confront their own fears about homosexuality and curb the humor and discrimination that offend homosexual persons.” Realizing that this can only be accomplished through dispelling damaging myths, CUAllies seeks to educate its community and support peers through the challenges of being LGBTQ and allies. (Human Sexuality: A Catholic Perspective for Education and Lifelong Learning, 1991, p. 55)”


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